The short and the festive short of it: Believe in Christmas and No one Should be Alone at Christmas

(courtesy Stream Wars (c) Kurzfilm | Weihnachten Werbeclip der Erste Group Bank AG)

Animated short films, especially those without dialogue, can really tell a powerfully impactful festive story with the most elegantly simple of ingredients.

These two short films, which are, yes, ads in their own way, convey so much richness about connection, love and belonging, generally but at Christmas especially and warm your heart even as they wrap you up in an animatory glow, that watching them is like immersing yourself fully and completely in the Christmas spirit.

They are a joy and well worth the short amount of time you will devote to them …

Believe in Christmas

This sublimely beautiful story has Pixar’s Up vibes all over it and it hits just as emotionally hard; there is, like the film, a sweetly festive, music-filled happy ending that will make your heart glow bright.

Stella: No one Should be Alone at Christmas

This sweetly simply film was designed to raise awareness of loneliness at Christmas among older people and to encourage people to engage and make a difference in someone’s life.

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