The short and the short of it #Halloween redux: A Night in Camp Heebie Jeebie

(image via IMDb (c) Dylan Chase)

During a stormy night in Camp Heebie Jeebie, the ghost stories shared by a group of Jeebie Scouts become all too real. Happy Halloween! (synopsis via Vimeo)

Yes, yes Halloween has shambled off this festive mortal coil for another year but it’s hard not to take one more scary detour when the animation is so gorgeously and the story so cleverly executed as it is in Dylan Chase’s animated gem, A Night in Camp Heebie Jeebie.

Set in a remote camp where a bunch of Jeebie Scouts have been left for their night – where are the adults, you ask? Who knows but frankly you don’t need them because these girls are awesomeA Night in Camp Heebie Jeebie explores what happens when ghost stories told to earn a merit badge end up taking on a life of their own.

It’s entertaining, fun, sweet and surprisingly life affirming, carrying a thoroughly beguiling reminder that appearances aren’t everything and maybe making peace and even friends with your fears is better than scaring yourself silly.

Although in this delightful short film, the scaring is all kinds of hilarious fun too …

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