The short and the short of it: MaskHoles and a humourous clash of robotic colleagues

(image courtesy Vimeo (c) Pixel Fiction)

Two co-workers return to work during the pandemic. One annoyingly disregards the rules while the other annoyingly adheres to them. As the week wears on, nerves get frayed, circuits get shorted and the situation explodes. What follows is an inventive, yet vengeful solution to the entire problem. (synopsis via Vimeo)

If there is one thing that the seemingly neverending CPOVID-10 pandemic has shown us, among many, many things, it is that we can’t always rely on the best parts of human race coming to the fore.

While many people have taken seriously the calls for mask wearing, social distancing, social isolating as needed, far too many others (to the great surprise of this writer who liked to think that, contrary all evidence, people would do the right thing if pushes comes to shove; colour me corrected) have treated it with ambivalence, disdain or outright hostility, worrying responses in the face of so great a threat.

It’s not the sort of situation that might be fertile ground for a talented team of short film makers, but the people behind MaskHoles including Scott Thierauf have run with it, offering a delightful animated effort that is both funny, instructive about the human (or anthropomorphically robotic condition) and unexpectedly affecting.

COVID-19 may be a laugh-a-minute or even remotely funny at all, but MaskHoles manages to find some fun in the horror and in so doing reminds us that every problem, no matter how intractable, has a solution if you’re inspired and driven enough to find it.

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