The short and the short of it: The touching stages of life in After You

(image via YouTube (c) Damien O'Connor)
(image via YouTube (c) Damien O’Connor)


In 2013, Irish filmmaker Damien O’Connor of Brown Bag Films created “After you“, a short animated film that tells the incredibly touching story of a Dublin hotel doorman throughout his career – his first day, his first door opened, his fear of the revolving door and his ability to keep doing his job long after he’d departed his mortal coil. (synopsis via and (c) Laughing Squid)

Life moves quickly we all know that.

But for pretty much all of us, the speed at which the years go by is almost imperceptible; if you asked us to measure it or quantify it we couldn’t do it.

Just one day we’re young and then quite suddenly, it seems, we’re not.

What is so beautiful about After You, crafted by Damien O’Connor with a rare appreciation for the human condition, is that shows those passing years in exquisitely meaningful detail.

You understand the unnamed Dublin doorman loves his job so much, and why the advent of revolving doors puts him, ahem, cough, in such a spin.

Innocuous to the rest of us these endlessly moving banshees represent the possible of everything he holds dear.

But fear not for even in death, he finds a way to keep fulfilling the calling that defined his life, an afterlife of sorts that adds a sweet poignancy to a wholly affecting short film.


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