The short and the short of it: Tokyo Cosmo’s flying pigs and monsters

(image via YouTube (c) Takahiro Miyauchi and Takuya Okada)
(image via YouTube (c) Takahiro Miyauchi and Takuya Okada)


Directed by Takahiro Miyauchi and Takuya Okada, Tokyo Cosmo takes us inside the home of a woman with a fantastic imagination. Her imagination is so powerful that a simple household nuisance soon becomes an epic struggle. Things get so crazy we even get to see a courageous flying pig, a city-destroying monster and a giant lightsaber. (synopsis via and (c) Mashable)

Who of us doesn’t sometimes, nay often, wish that the everyday, ordinary stuff of life would magically transform itself into something magical, fantastical and wonderful?

Hands up! Right so much pretty much everyone, just as I thought.

In Tokyo Cosmo, a delightfully animated short from Takahiro Myauchi and Takuya Okada, the protagonist has her wish granted when the stock standard parts of her life assume an all-together magical, otherworldly feel and she sets off a grand adventure that is most definitely not business-as-usual.

It’s the sheer imagination that fills the short that is captivating.

The creative team behind Tokyo Cosmo have gone for break, daring to imagine the most fantastical elements possible and bringing them to life in the most charming and beguiling of fashions.

This is a gorgeously-wrought pocket-sized piece of cinema that reminds us that the everyday can be way more magical than we might have thought possible.

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