The short and the short of it: Vestiges aka how to fight black sludge with a flamingo and plant magic

(image via Vimeo (c) NALEB)
(image via IO9/Gizmodo (c) NALEB)


Word to the wise people – if the grassy idyllic valley in which you live is threatened by an advancing mass of black mud, one which at times takes humanoid shape, you should make sure you have a giant flying flamingo at hand and some plant magic with which to banish it once you’re aloft.

OK maybe pretty much all of that will be out of reach to you but in the imagination of NALEB, one of the students who took part in Espoirs de l’Animation 2016 (Hopes of Animation 2016), a competition for students from six different French animation schools (The Powder in Valencia, Emile Cohl in Lyon, EMCA in Angoulême, the Ecole Estienne in Paris, ESAAT Roubaix and Rubika Supinfocom Valenciennes).

The students had a month to create a short animated work based on the theme “A Planet For All, All For the Planet” and the result, at least in the case of NALEB from EMCA is this astonishingly evocative, visually-lush and emotionally-rich work about one woman’s fight to overcome toxicity with nature.

At one minute long, it is the very essence of brevity and succinct storytelling, a joy to watch that wears its important message lightly but powerfully.

(source: IO9/Gizmodo)


VESTIGES from NALEB on Vimeo.

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