There’s a new Doctor Who in town … and she looks amazing! (Season 11 poster + trailer)

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The series will introduce Jodie Whittaker as the Thirteenth Doctor, the most recent incarnation of the Doctor, an alien Time Lord who travels through time and space in her TARDIS, which appears to be a British police box on the outside. The series will also introduce Bradley Walsh, Tosin Cole, and Mandip Gill as the Doctor’s newest companions, Graham, Ryan, and Yasmin, respectively. (synopsis via Wikipedia)

I have to say – I have supremely relieved that Peter Capaldi is no longer Doctor Who (he is a fine, fine actor but I just found him all wrong and moodily aggressive as everyone’s favourite Time Lord) and that Steve Moffatt has handed the showrunner reins for the show over to Chibnall.

I am a normally positive person who optimistically zigs where others may cynically zag but this time around, the combined weight of these two miscastings soured Doctor Who for me and I failed to watch most of season 9 and 10.



Things are going to change though for the better I suspect in season 11 when the franchise’s first female Doctor, played by the incomparably wonderful Jodie Whittaker, steps up to the time-travelling plate and we are gifted with a TARDIS team who all feature in the new teaser trailer where time travels is used to playful but ultimately meaningful things.

Granted it is but one teaser trailer and it’s all suggestion and not a lot of substance but as both Digital Spy and Radio Times make clear, there’s a whole lot to look forward in the 10 x 50 minute episodes with all all new actors, showrunner and even writers reshaping Doctor Who in wholly new, exciting ways!

See how powerful Doctor Who is? She’s even managed to go back and rescue my optimism!

Doctor Who season 11 premieres in the northern autumn.

  • Update 20 July – there’s a new fuller, bigger trailer that gives you much more of a sense of what the new Doctor is going to be like … I’m getting a lovely Tennant-ish vibe with added whimsy …


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