Trio o’ TV trailers: Disenchantment, Wellington Paranormal, Nightflyers


Oh boy do we need more TV shows!

Actually in the strictest not really since, unless you’re some kind of automaton (and if you are, when’s Skynet making their move, please?), no one really has the time in Peak Glut TV for any more programs in their schedule but when they’re these three appealing possibilities, how could you not at least consider them?

Trust me, you’ll likely want to make space on your DVR for …




(image via variety (c) Netflix)


In the first animated teaser for the 10-episode series, we’re introduced to Princess Bean (Abbi Jacobson) as she’s returning to her father’s kingdom under less than ideal circumstances. Bean, her elf companion Elfo (Nat Faxon), and their demon buddy Luci (Eric Andre) are called to the king’s court, likely for causing a ruckus, and it isn’t until Bean’s cloak is removed that the king realizes he’s interrogating his own daughter. (synopsis (c) io9)

What do you do if you’re animation maestro Matt Groening and you’ve tasted success with a future-set show (Futurama) and one set in the present (The Simpsons)? Why, you go hurtling back to the past and set your show in ye olden days completed with a wholly unorthodox princess, an elf named, yep, Elfo (Nat Faxon) and, of course, a demon Luci (Eric Andre) for good measure. There’s even lots of drinking and fantasy tropes skewering which means these adventures in the kingdom of Dreamland will definitely not be what fairy tale doctor ordered, but damn they’ll be fun!

Disenchantment drops its first season on Netflix on 1 August.





(image via Starburst (c) TVNZ)


Sergeant Ruawai Maaka of the Wellington Police enlists the aid of Officers Minogue and O’Leary to tackle paranormal events in New Zealand’s capital city. In a police reality show style, the 6 part series follows these kiwi cops as they investigate cases such as the demon possession of a teenager, a noise complaint at a haunted house and a blood bank robbery. (synopsis via IMDb)

What We Do in the Shadows was one of my standout films of 2014. An hilarious mockumentary from New Zealander creative powerhouses Taika Waititi and Jermaine Clement that gave us an inside look at the rather weird, and very funny, lives of Wellington’s vampires, it mercilessly parodied all the usual vampire tropes and some wider horror ones into the bargain with werewolves even get a non-sweary look-in. While the movie itself is getting a direct sequel in the form of “We’re Wolves” and a 10-part US TV series set in the USA that explores the idiosyncratic lives of New York vampires, the most immediate follow-up is TVNZ’s 6-part series Wellington Paranormal which look funny, damn funny, with that understated, self-deprecating hilarity that New Zealanders do so well.

Wellington Paranormal premieres on TVNZ on 11 July in New Zealand; no international release details available at the moment.


(image via YouTube (c) syfy)


The story follows a team of scientists on a mission to make first contact with an ancient, nomadic alien race. Of course, things turn from historic to horrifying when a malevolent presence makes its way onto the ship. With the crew trapped on the ship without anywhere to run to hide from this newfound threat, the crew must do whatever it can to survive. (synopsis via Hypable)

Honestly, after the endless number of TV shows, movies and books about people on spaceships who succumb to all manner of nightmarish mindgames, horrific experiences and death, there’s pretty much nothing that could convince me to journey out into the stars. Oh sure, there’s boundless opportunities to explore; but for every Star Trek, there’s an Event Horizon, Alien, Cloverfield Paradox and Sunshine, and countless more besides, none of them offering up much incentive to zip off into the great galactic beyond. But hey, watching it from the safety of a lounge room is another thing entirely which is why I’ll likely tune in when Nightflyers premieres a little later on this year.

Nightflyers premieres on syfy this northern autumn.

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