Underneath the helmet: The VFX secrets of The Mandalorian revealed

(image courtesy IMP Awards)

Are you the sort of person who likes to peek behind the curtain and find out what kinds of whirring parts are making the TV show you love come to life?

Or do you like to leave the magic intact, the special effects unexplained and lose yourself in a world that feels wholly real and utterly immersive?

If you are the former, then you will love the VFX breakdown of Disney’s breakout Star Wars streaming hit, The Mandalorian, below which explores without narration but with the show’s extraordinarily evocative soundtrack very much in evidence, how the team behind the show made it all come alive.

It is fascinating, a reminder that a lot of work goes into bringing worlds far away from us to life – in this case, the work and tech of of PXO and Image Engine, Epic and Industrial Lights and Magic as Gizmodo notes – and that we should be forever thankful for their imagination, skill and artistry.

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