Velociraptors on motorcycles! This Jurassic Park parody video is pre-hysterically funny

Velociraptors on motorbikes are go! (image via YouTube (c) Darren Wallace)
Velociraptors on motorbikes are go! (image via YouTube (c) Darren Wallace)


I have no doubt that the upcoming Jurassic World film, which features Chris Pratt as velociraptor-wrangling, Indian Jones-arua emitting, dinosaur DNA-fiddling averse hero-in-the-making Owen Grady will be a tour deforce of edge-of-your-seat prehistoric thrill-making.

And I am also fully convinced that the dinosaurs that will fill the film, from said velociraptors to trained giant plesiosaurs to the mutant T-Rex beast that could doom everyone, Indominus Rex, will be impressive beyond belief, worthy foils for the puny humans who try their best to counteract humanity’s once-more vaulting hubris.

But there’s something about this parody trailer by Darren Wallace, of the official Jurassic World trailer, that suggests to me that if just a few of the elements featured in the tongue-in-cheek trailer variant were used, that the resulting film would be even more awesome indeed.

I mean, c’mon people, velociraptors on motorbikes!

Jeff Goldblum heads on an onrushing herd of Gallimimus!

Who doesn’t love that? Well, apart from the people not on motorcycles trying to escape them or those with Jeff Goldblum aversions (what kind of monsters must they be, I ask you?).

But beyond that pesky little issue of survival, and velociraptors with afros, there’s lots to like about this trailer which comes packed to the gills with all kinds of funny “Dad jokes” and pop culture references (check out the sign at the start).

It’s a hoot me hearties! (This will make perfect sense when you watch the trailer, trust me.)

Jurassic World opens in Australia on 11 June 2015 and USA and UK on 12 June 2015.



And here is the most recent Jurassic World trailer for comparison …


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