Want supplies for the zombie apocalypse? Superstore can help you

(image via Spoiler TV (c) NBC)
(image via Spoiler TV (c) NBC)


America Ferrera (Ugly Betty) and Ben Feldman (Mad Men, A to Z) star on the hilarious workplace comedy Superstore about a unique family of employees at a supersized megastore. Superstore centers around Amy (Ferrera), the store’s most stalwart employee as well as the glue holding the place together, and newly hired Jonah (Feldman), a dreamer determined to prove work doesn’t have to be boring. Their fellow associates include the sardonic Garrett (Colton Dunn, Key & Peele), the ambitious Mateo (Nico Santos, Mulaney) and the sweet teenager, Cheyenne (Nichole Bloom, Shameless). Overseeing the store is Glenn (Mark McKinney, The Kids in the Hall), the store’s affable, clueless store manager, and Dina (Lauren Ash, Super Fun Night), the aggressive assistant manager who enforces Cloud 9 policy with an iron fist.

From the bright-eyed newbies and the seen-it-all veterans to the clueless seasonal hires and the in-it-for-life managers, together they hilariously tackle the day-to-day grind of rabid bargain hunters, riot-causing sales and nap-worthy training sessions. Superstore was created and written by Justin Spitzer (The Office), who also serves as an executive producer with director Ruben Fleischer (Gangster Squad), David Bernad (Enlightened) and Gabe Miller & Jonathan Green (The Office).

Superstore was one of the delightful comedic surprises of the last broadcast network season.

Staffed by a cast of talented comedy professionals, the show touched on the both the absurdist and the heartfelt elements of working in a megastore where the customers are unpredictable, people are inordinately possessive of their small pieces of a very small kingdom and issues of love and life aspiration play second fiddle to simply getting by.

It managed to be both wacky and emotionally resonant in each twenty minute episode, a pretty impressive accomplishment given that network TV doesn’t allow for too much straying from the sitcom norm.

And now the show is back for a second season, with a series of hilarious promos which have been released for everything from catering to your tailgate party needs – expired sausages anyone? You know you want ’em! – to savings for Labor Day.

Naturally of course in an age where zombie apocalypse shows are everywhere and we all pretty expect there will be one any day now – it doesn’t help when scientists actually theorise about how that could IRL – what self-respecting store would have a zombie apocalypse sale?

Get your axes, sledgehammers, scissors and … puzzles? Well once you’re holed up in your well-stocked hideaway, you’ll have to spend time somehow. Why not a brain-stretching Sudoku? Or a note book to record your mounting dread about the end of the world? FUN!

You can get all that and MORE when Superstore returns with its second season at 8/7C 22 September on NBC.


To view the full range of Superstore season 2 promos, check out Spoiler.TV

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