Watercolour wonders: Beautiful painted renderings of TV and movie homes

(image via Instagram (c) Boryana Ilieva of Floorplan Croissant)

“…being an architect herself and a passionate film admirer Boryana senses a general gap between cinema and architecture, or in other words, a state where architects simply won’t watch enough film, at least not as phantasmal explorers. So her work is based on extracting floor plans of main character houses in notable films as she believes a film floor plan forms a ghost matrix around which directors not only build plots but place hidden messages.” (synopsis via Laughing Squid)

Where something happens in TV or film can often be as potent and important as what happens.

Something who appreciates the truth of that is Bulgarian artist Boryana Ilieva of Floorplan Croissant who brings iconic places to life with vividly-realised artwork that brings a whole new dimension to homes fans believe they know inside out.

Her skill is such that, as Laughing Squid, she draws forth entirely expected things from her gorgeous watercolour plans:

“Using her architectural skills, Ilieva pays close attention to the details in the design and the decor of the set in order to “form a ghost matrix” that seeks to find hidden clues within the plot.”

So, luxuriate in these lushly-rendered plans, take in the impressive level of detail and appreciate the beauty of the artwork and develop a new understanding as you do so of some the most iconic recent TV and film homes of our time.

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