Weekday movie poster art: Toy Story 4

(Art by Doaly via Pixar Times)

I love movie posters and I love and adore the Toy Story series of films, the latest of which Toy Story 4 is a brilliantly-worthy addition to films 1, 2 and 3, and so, the creation of posters by a group of artists celebrating what I would argue is Pixar’s storytelling crown jewel is something that thrills and excites me.

The posters are gems, taking a different perspective from the officially-released posters while still chanelling the essence of films that champion love, acceptance, inclusion, belonging and being content and happy with who you are.

The exciting thing is about these posters, says Pixar Times, is that they come with the official imprimatur of the studio.

“The Poster Posse, an art agency that is made up of a group of incredibly talented artists, collaborated with Disney to release an extensive collection of Toy Story 4 posters. Several posters were released last month, with Woody being featured prominently, along with several of the new characters, including Forky, Ducky, and Bunny.”

The posters displayed here are the latest batch of five, highlighting the main new character Forky who is delightful, raw, vulnerable and insecure (until he finds out how much he loved, thanks to Woody) and the beating heart and soul of the fourth instalment in a series which reminds us that while the world may seem dark and awful at times, especially now, that there remains a great deal to love about it too.

(Art by Andrew Swainson via Pixar Times)
(Art by Simon Delart (S2lart) via Pixar Times)
(Art by Chris Skinner via Pixar Times)
(Art by Adam Rabalais via Pixar Times)

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