Weekend pop art: Pancakes shaped as pop culture characters? Yum yum chomp!

Olaf from Frozen (image via YouTube (c) TigerTomato)
Olaf from Frozen (image via YouTube (c) TigerTomato)


I never fail to be amazed at the way true artists like TigerTomato manage to take my favourite breakfast food ever, the humble though delicious pancake – yeah sorry Sultana Bran but you’re not even in the running – and turn it into visually-delighting works of art.

Because, my desire to put lemon juice and sugar onto Elsa’s beaming face notwithstanding, that is exactly what these pancake-based reproductions of animated characters like Marge Simpson, Olaf (Frozen), Pikachu and Finn and Jake from Adventure Time are.

Works of highly-edible art … works that you couldn’t possibly eat ever right?

Well … if I was really hungry like I am right now …

Sorry Sonic the Hedgehog but I must eat you all up; rest assured though I will remember your pancake likeness with great fondness, and of course much licking of my lemon juice and sugar-encrusted lips …

You can see more of their creations on YouTube and Facebook.




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