“Wrangling space babies was not part of my schedule today!” Video games come alive in Fe@rless

(image via Bleeding Cool (c) Netflix)

“‘Reid, an enthusiastic gamer, levels up to become a full-time babysitter when his favorite superhero video game drops three incredible superpowered babies, from space, into his backyard.’ The Netflix original animated superhero-family-comedy is directed and co-created by Cory Edwards. Vanguard Films and Animation, along with 3QU Media are responsible for the production of Netflix’s latest animated tale. (synopsis via Bleeding Cool)

So, you’re scared of aliens zipping down from space and laying waste to good old planet Earth?

Fair enough – that is pretty scary.

But what about babies with superpowers coming to our big blue planet pursued by aliens bent on galactic domination by harnessing said babies’ power?

Also pretty scary, and cute as hell too, which means that Fe@rless is going to be pretty damn entertaining and a great diversion from the more grounded pestilence currently stalking us.

Fe@rless premieres on 14 August on Netflix.

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