50 years of Sesame Street: It’s always time to “Sing”, sing a song

(image via YouTube (c) Sesame Street)

Apart from its commitment to teaching kids ABC and 123 basics in a way that’s creative, fun and meaningful, and being the absolute boss of pop culture pop culture videos, Sesame Street has always placed music front and centre over its 50 years of time on the year.

A parade of well known singers including Ed Sheeran, R.E.M., B. B. King, Patti Labelle and Feist, have sung their happy hearts out on the show – how can you sing in any frame of mind other than happy when you have muppets by your side? – with every one of their songs extolling some sort of important life lesson.

The song that tops them all, of course, bar the iconic theme song, is ‘Sing”, which has appeared again and again on Sesame Street, and for good reason – every single lyric talks about something worthwhile or important, from expressing yourself regardless of what others say to focusing on the good and not the bad.

It’s a joyous, uplifting, soul-affirming piece of music that carries the spirit of Sesame Street with it and can’t help make you feel pretty good whenever you sing it … especially if there are muppets by your side.

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