Alexa with a mo’? Blade Runner parody gets to the heart of the real techno issue of 2019

(image courtesy IMP Awards)

Can an Alexa feel? Can it experience emotion? Can an Alexa pass the Voight Kampff test? Those are the sort of questions this version of Blade Runner is interested in, and it quickly devolves into various forms of slapstick as Deckard and his compatriots try to interrogate and interact with a group of rogue Alexa units. With mustaches. They’re great at disguises. (synopsis via Gizmodo)

Blade Runner is a brilliant film. (As is, might I add Blade Runner 2049 which I also thoroughly enjoyed.)

One of the many reasons it stands head and shoulders above many other sci-fi films is because it asks some pretty big questions about what makes us or anyone truly human.

Even better, it doesn’t offer easy answers, leaving the insights it does offer up on the table

for us to do with as we will.

This wonderfully-realised parody from Back to the 2015 Future has a great deal of fun with the film’s approach, replacing the replicants with Alexas which are cleverly and cunningly disguised by moustaches which naturally make them very human.

Or not; that in itself is the joke in a parody film that’s happy to ask some really big questions and not give up any remotely useful answers (though they are damn funny; I suspect even turtles would be amused).

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