[All of us] will be here for you: Orphan Black gets a Friends makeover

Images: Orphan Black via omq-squee.com and Friends via screenscribe.tv)


Two odder TV bedfellows you could not imagine right?

Which is course precisely the point for the inspired YouTube user SnowBalls3, who put together images from BBC America’s dark conspiracy-rich sci-fi drama Orphan Black, starring the multi-talented Tatiana Maslany, and Friends, one of the most successful sitcoms in TV history which ran from 1994 to 2004.

I discovered this very clever mashup via Trent Moore of blastr.com who did point out that there is at least one tenuous point of commonality between the two:

“The extremely talented Tatiana Maslany plays about a half dozen characters on the breakout BBC America sci-fi series, which makes for a pretty insane sitcom intro once you realize its the same actress over and over again.

“But, much like the series itself — Maslany does such an amazing job with the nuance of each character, you almost forget it’s the same person playing all those roles. Also, we’d kind of like to see a sitcom version now. C’mon, BBC America, lets deconstruct the concept a little bit.”

Orphan Black: The Sitcom – I like the idea!

Until that materialises, sit back, enjoy and marvel at a visual fusing of two shows that otherwise might never have crossed paths.





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