Are you game? The Witcher is coming your way

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Henry Cavill stars as Geralt, who is part of the Witcher class of beings. The Witchers are genetically enhanced individuals who are trained in the art of monster hunting and travel the world, hunting monsters for coin. Or, in the words of Henry Cavill himself at the SDCC Witcher panel— they’re a group of badasses who kill monsters.

However, the series won’t be just Henry Cavill looking badass and fighting off monster. The storyline for the first season will likewise include Freya Allen’s Ciri, a young princess who flees her war-ravaged home hoping to get Geralt’s aid. When Geralt finds his life of bounty hunting caught up in a war between the nations of Cintra and the invading Nilfgaardian Empire, he’ll have to figure out a way to solve a problem that doesn’t just involve his sword and his magic.
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You know how relaxed and un-busy Christmas right, well … haha, well you and I might but it appears Netflix does not, and has decided in its infinite wisdom – and let’s face it, I watch an huge amount of their stuff so their wisdom, at least as far as it extends to my viewing habits, is great – to schedule a great new series five days before Christmas Day.

Which of course means you can either wait until after Christmas (understandable) or if it’s all getting too much, and naturally it will be if you’re like the rest of the Christian festival observing people out there, drop all your plans for present buying, eggnog whipping up and hall bedecking and watch The Witcher in one big stress-relieving binge.

Premiering 20 December, the series – which is based not on the video games by Polish developer CD Projekt Red with which most people will be familiar but the books by Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski – is just the tonic for the exhausting (though fun) realities of the festive season, taking us on a fantastical though very human story of self-discovery, justice and good vs. evil.

Sounds like just the thing at just the right time although this viewer will have to wait until nieces and nephews have presents, much ham and salad has been eaten and I am safely ensconced in a bush cabin with the downloaded The Witcher episodes somewhere in country NSW.

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