Back to the Future the musical? Yes please!

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Great Scott!

Could they be making a Back to the Future musical?

Alas no, not yet but if they did, and they totally should, this would be the perfect song to include in it!

The amazingly talented folks at Cinefix have made one of their legendary Homemade Movies, starring Dustin McLean and Piotr Michael, about the pivotal clock scene in the first Back to the Future movie (1985) where Marty (Michael J Fox) is desperately trying to return to the then present from 1955 with the help of Dr. Emmett “Doc” Brown (Christopher Lloyd).

The song, which is as catchy and memorable as they come, features the Doc’s trademark phrases and a lovingly faithful recreation of the pair’s desperate attempts to have everything in place for that all important lightning strike!

Oh the money I would pay to see this in an actual musical! (I totally would; that or hide in the wings overnight till the theatre reopens.)

While I am unlikely to be reaching for my credit card anytime soon, which is a real pity, there is this wonderful song to keep me company in the meantime while I wait.

You hear that Cinefix? I’m waiting … you guys are so talented to could totally write a whole musical … seriously I’ll wait … let me know when you’re done … kthxbai …



And this is how it all got made …



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