Bogan* : An hilarious parody that shows how washed-up Wolverine actually is

(image via YouTube (c) Artspear Entertainment)


You really have to have watched the trailer for one of this year’s best movies Logan – but by all means watching the whole film which is just superb – to realise that Wolverine aka James Howlett is a mere near non-invincible shadow of his former self.

In the year 2029 he is in pain, being poisoned by the admantium within, barely making ends meet as a limousine driver in a partially-dystopian world and not nearly as quick to repair himself from grievous wounds and bodily harm.

He is, in short, the gruff, EQ-challenged mutant of old but with even less charm and charisma; yes indeed yikes!

Now granted he isn’t any near as bad as this delightfully good, very funny parody from Toon Sandwich by Artspear Entertainment, would have you believe, but in terms of capturing, in the most hilarious way possible, his general broken down sense of mind and spirit, it absolutely nails it.

It’s a nice way to add some levity to a film that while very, very good, is not exactly a guffawing walk in the booze-sozzled park.

And trust me you’ll never look at barbecuing quite the same way again!

(* And for all the non-Aussies and New Zealanders reading, a bogan is, and I quote, “an uncouth or unsophisticated person regarded as being of low social status.”)


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