Can a naughty kid become nice? Air NZ’s Christmas ad answers the question

(image via YouTube (c) Air New Zealand)


Ah, the age-old Naughty and Nice list.

The bane of kids with poor behavioural karma the world over, Santa’s obsession with “making a list and checking it twice / Gonna find out who’s naughty and nice” forms the centrepiece of this year’s Christmas ad from Air New Zealand.

Reflecting the mischievousness that has come to be the hallmark of the airline’s advertising efforts, the ad features a harried Santa sending the naughty list to a school in New Zealand instead of his elves working hard up in the North Pole, prompting a really creative reaction from the good karma-challenged kids of the world, one which involves more chores being done, less farting … and a piece of dubious self-awareness from the American attendee in his “Make Christmas Great Again” cap.

Yep, folks we have a sly dig at Trump, who’s as naughty as they come, and it works a treat in an ad that is selling something but does it with such a deliciously-cheeky sense of humour that you’ll be cheering on the naughty (now nice?) kids of the world before you know it.


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