Husband and husband: True love in graphic novel form

(image via Paste Magazine (c) Aaron Ferrara and Jonathan Ferrara)


Time and time again we are reminded that we are better together—and it all started with Husband & Husband! When we launched our webcomic we thought to ourselves, ‘Wait, why isn’t this name taken yet?’ And then we realized, ‘Oh, yeah! It’s because we were just recently allowed to be married, haha!’ We like to take a comical approach on life and make people smile, whether you’re reading one of our comics or laughing with us (or at us) on our YouTube channel. We are SO EXCITED to hear more and more people use the term Husband & Husband, and hopefully seeing this book on shelves will give others the courage to say it out loud proudly. (statement by Aaron Ferrara and Jonathan Ferrara)

Ain’t love grand?

It is indeed, in whatever way, shape or form it comes, and watching its many splendid facets being expressed by an increasingly diverse array of people has reaffirmed to me again what I know to be innately true as a gay man – that the love I have for my beautiful, giving, loving wonderful guy is every bit as real and true as that oft-cited in an array of literature, movies, songs, TV shows and comics.

If further proof was needed, and really it isn’t but damn it’s good to have it anyway, a very talented couple, Aaron Ferrara and Jonathan Ferrara, have been drawing a webcomic since 2015 celebrating all that is good, great and nerdy (Batman-themed wedding? You got it!) about their blessed union.


(image via Husband & Husband tumblr (c) Aaron Ferrara and Jonathan Ferrara)


BOOM! has seen fit to bring Husband & Husband to us in physical form, drawing together 30 exclusive strips and a brand new story with Paste Magazine noting that it is, according to BOOM!, “the perfect jumping-on point for new readers, and a must-read for current fans.”

Given that the comic book, published under BOOM! Studios’ BOOM! Box imprint doesn’t debut until May 2019, you have plenty of them to catch up on  what Paste Magazine rather wonderfully calls “a webcomic filled with laughs and love—and Pokémon”.


(image via Husband & Husband tumblr (c) Aaron Ferrara and Jonathan Ferrara)

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