Christmas goes gritty again: Klaus and the Crying Snowman

(image via Gizmodo (c) Dan Mora, Boom Studios)


Snow might be a bit thin on the ground (read: non-existent) in the sunny climes of Australia during the festive season but in far off Scandinavia from where Grant Morrison and Dan Mora’s vividly-gritty takes on the origins of good old Santa Claus takes place (now with visibly less jolly and way less red), it’s not only present in abundance but used to curse poor loving fathers.

Yep, one poor man has sufficiently wronged someone magically-powerful to get himself turned into a snowman and, according to Gizmodo, Klaus, introduced in 2015 as a pleasingly-idiosyncratic take on good old St Nike’s start as a Christmas icon, is going to have to go all-out, as per usual, to bring some festive cheer back into proceedings:

“This time, Klaus is going a bit God of War — Crying Snowman sees the strapping immortal warrior doing battle with a whole pantheon of Nordic gods to rescue the titular snowman, who is actually a doting father who finds himself cursed into a frosty form. But as you’ll see in Kotaku’s exclusive preview of the one-shot below, he’s going to have to carve his path through some monstrous foes in his quest to lift the curse.”

When can you embark on the most epically over-the-top Christmas celebration of them all? Why 12 December my good chestnut-roasting friends when snowmen, not doves, cry and Klaus goes all Die Hard-Santa on the holidays!


(image via Gizmodo (c) Dan Mora, Boom Studios)

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