Coldplay has a new album a-comin’!

I am thrilled and excited in a way that used to happen way back when I was a kid and ABBA were getting ready to release a new album. While I love the depth and breadth of music I listen to right now, one thing I miss is the thrill of a new album coming down the pike, a thrill so great I can’t sleep or breathe for days beforehand. In fact, so great was my anticipation when ABBA released Voulez-Vouz in 1979 (compounded by waiting since 1978 for it with many false starts) that I RAN up the lane to the tiny record & gift store in Alstonville Plaza to get right at 9 a.m. and kicked my grandparents out of the bedroom so I can listen to it on the record player!

 Yes I am happy to see a new Royskopp CD (OK very happy) or Roisin Murphy but for true giddy I-am-12-again excitement, it’s Coldplay and only Coldplay. So colour me thrilled, excited, and full of giddy anticipation and roll on October 24!

* Here’s the official announcement from Coldplay:

(from The Coldplay Messenger, Vol 7, No 4, August 2011)

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