Ring! Ring! First ad for the ABBA Museum

ABBA in concert 1977 (image via jps.com.au)


Now I don’t usually act as the promotional mouthpiece for museums, art galleries, and small stalls selling toy cats made out of used felt and aluminium (delightful though they may be).

But in the case of the ABBA Museum, which is being opened in honour of a musical supergroup who are arguably Eurovision’s greatest achievement (see today’s earlier post) – though it could well be argued that they would have done just fine without it too – and one of the greatest pop groups ever, I am willing to make an exception.

For ABBA, a group I have loved since I was a very young boy in the mid-70s – did I mention I was young? – are finally opening a museum dedicated to their amazing career on May 7 in Stockholm, and naturally everyone is making quite a fuss about it.

And deservedly so.

So here without further ado is the commercial which does a rather fine job of marrying the past with the present and getting me even more enthusiastic, if that’s possible, for the museum’s immiment opening.

Now I just need to find a flight to Stockholm.



* And here’s a brilliant article on Agnetha Fältskog’s return to the spotlight.

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