Control your fear: The intriguing mind games of Alien Invasion: S.U.M. 1

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The film centers on S.U.M.1 (Iwan Rheon, Game of Thrones), a committed young soldier who has lived his whole life underground. He enters a dark and desolate forest, his mission: to keep at bay the Nonesuch, a breed of hostile alien creatures. As reports circulate of frequent, devastating attacks, the routine military operation becomes a nightmare. (synopsis (c) Variety)

It’s official – Earth is once again the planet most alien races would like to invade.

And why not? Blue skies. Green fields. Christmas ornaments. Caramel sundaes. What’s not to like?

But as Alien Invasion: S.U.M.1 beautifully illustrates in way both terrible and intriguing, there is such a thing as being too popular with an alien race the Nonesuch taking a great liking to Earth but not so much its resident Homo Sapiens.



Standing guard over what’s left of the human race falls to an intrepid bunch of soldiers, one of whom, as io9 notes, finds it more than a little taxing discharging his duties solo over his 100-day mission:

“… the soldier has to slowly cling to either his remaining time on duty or what’s left of his sanity, to the point he’s unsure if the aliens are either right on his doorstep or never actually existed at all.”

As premises go this is a corker, fitting neatly into that sub genre of alien invasion films that offer a raw, intimate look at the way what would be a catastrophic event affects one person, and by extension, the entire human race.

Control your fear? Not that easy and it will interesting to see how one soldier deals with his fears in the echo chamber of his own mind.

Alien Invasion S.U.M.1 opens 1 December in USA and Canada and 7 December in Germany; no word on an Australian release date yet.

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