Darwin on steroids: Evolve or die with The Titan

(image courtesy IMP Awards)


In the near future, a military family uproot their lives so they can participate in a ground-breaking experiment to accelerate man’s genetic evolution. The goal? To relocate humanity to another planet and avoid extinction. (synopsis (c) Seat 42F)

Humanity is a weirdly contrary species.

Endlessly optimistic and resourceful, we also have a magnificently lethal blindspot for being able to spot the very things that will do us harm.

Take destroying the world.

We know we’re doing it, and yet onward we go until it’s one second to midnight and we have to do something desperate in a hurry, a strategy which comes with quite a few downsides.



Like everything going to hell in a Darwinian handbasket where is pretty much the fertile narrative ground occupied by The Titan which takes a penetrating look at how far we’d go rescue our own hide and would we, in being willing to go to that risky place, make things worse rather than better?

I think the trailer gives us a cogent, terrifyingly unsettling “YES!” to that particular question.

It’s an affirmative that not stuffing things up in the first place works better than a panicked Band-aid response any time.

I wonder if anyone’s listening?

The Titan is currently screening in USA and opens in UK on 13 April (screening in Australia via Netflix looks most likely).

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