Did Penguin Books have an actual penguin as an intern? Yes, yes it did …

(image via YouTube (c) Penguin Random House)

Over the summer of 2019, the Penguin Books distribution center in Maryland played host to a little African penguin who interned with them for a day. The flightless bird confidently walked into the building, through the lobby and right into the warehouse to do a spot inspection. She then made her way to her office where she examined the quality of books gently thrust at her. She then peeked at the customer service area and even tried her hand at moving boxes. Afterwards, the penguin sat behind the wheel of a great big delivery truck. (synopsis (c) Laughing Squid)

Was does everyone workplace need more of right now?

Why, donuts, of course!

True though that is, what they also need, or at least workplaces named after deep Southern Hemisphere birdlife like, oh, say, Penguin Books, is penguins … actual living, breathing, impossibly cute penguins.

Thankfully someone at Penguin Books was listening and an endangered African penguin, or rather two of them playing the same delightful penguin intern, got to do all things publishing on one very special, under the watchful eye of the Maryland Zoo which is playing a key role in breeding the bird under the worldwide AZA Species Survival Plan for African penguins.

Bringing an actual penguin to Penguin Books was not just freaking adorable but it also, more importantly, shone a valuable spotlight on the spotlight of creatures who are suffering as so many are from the predation of humanity and climate change.

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