Dinosaurs in Pawnee! The hilarious mash-up of Jurassic World and Parks and Recreation

(image via YouTube channel Thanks Mom Productions)
(image via YouTube channel Thanks Mom Productions)


There’s no denying that Chris Pratt’s star is in the ascendancy.

After many years of playing loveable goofball Andy on Parks and Recreation, and adding his own piece of just-played-right comic genius to what is in anyone’s books a shining ensemble cast, he’s now finding increasing success in Hollywood, thanks to last year’s big hit Guardians of the Galaxy (the little Marvel movie that most certainly could … and did) and upcoming films like the much-anticipated Jurassic World, in which he plays Owen, a velociraptor-wrangling dashing hero who quite naturally saves the day.

It’s been quite a transition for the actor, one that is on full, glorious and highly-amusing display in this inspired mash-up from the clever folks at YouTube channel Thanks Mom who have gleefully brought together Pratt’s Burt Macklin FBI agent persona from Parks and Recreation and his newer, more buffed role as macho hero-of-the-day in Jurassic World to superlative effect.

So whether you want to be squished by water balloons or saved from the chomping jaws of a prehistoric hybrid monster, it looks like Chris Pratt’s your man.

But then we always kinda knew that didn’t we?


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