Even more Euphoria: Eurovision Asia launches

(image via Eurovision (c) Eurovision Asia)


And so it begins …

Eurovision is coming to Asia!

While a launch date and an exact format are yet to be determined, the launch of the official site for the Asian outpost of the great Eurovision Song Contest (brand leveraging here we come!) signals that things are moving along quite nicely in the Contest’s goal to bring it message of love, peace and musical harmony to a region sorely in need of it.

What Asia may lack in harmony between some nations, it more than makes up for with musical creativity, thanks largely to the mammoth South Korean (K-Pop) and Japanese (J-Pop) music industries, with many other countries such as the Philippines making a national sport out of karaoke, a homage to music loving if ever there was one.

It will be able to employ all that love for music and more when 20 countries, drawn from the Asia-Pacific region, compete in a live annual grand final.

The big prize? Well the hoped-for big prize anyway, according to SBS managing director Michael Ebeid (the Australian channel has broadcast Eurovision into Australia for over 30 years), quoted in The Sydney Morning Herald is this:

“Our hope would be for whoever wins Eurovision Asia would get a spot in the final of Eurovision.”



In a bid to drum up fervent support for Eurovision Asia, the organisers are calling for people to nominate who they would like to see involved …

“Who do you want to see compete in Eurovision Asia? Visit EurovisionAsia.tv and let us know about your favourite Asian music, your favourite singers, songwriters and who you think could win!”

and to get behind the social media that is coming your way!

“In addition to the official Eurovision Asia website, you can also follow the official social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You can also subscribe to the official YouTube channel.  Don’t forget to use the #EurovisionAsia hashtag to make your voice heard!”

Next stop Asia everyone – or Sydney with a proposal to stage the first event in Sydney; it’s early days yet though so no guarantees – bring your glitter and your love of music and get ready to make a song and dance in Eurovision’s newest incarnation.

(source: Eurovision.tv)

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