Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life

(image via YouTube (c) Netflix)
(image via YouTube (c) Netflix)


There are very few things these days that get me as excited as a kid at Christmas but the imminent arrival of four new episodes of the Gilmore Girls, one of my favourite TV shows ever, penned no less than by the creator and chief scribe (not including season 7) Amy Sherman-Palladino, has me wondering if I will sleep now and my birthday on 25 November.

Which if you’ve been any paying is the date that Netflix will be putting all four episodes online, unleashing a bingeing session of epic proportions that will in effect last an entire year.

Well not the actual viewing – although if you like living in Stars Hollow, the delightfully quirky Connecticut town that is home to Lorelai (Lauren Graham) and Rory (Alexis Bleidel) Gilmore, watching the episodes over and over for 365 days is an entirely sane and sensible thing to do – but rather the four episodes which will each take as their backdrop a season of the year and pick up the story of Stars Hollows’s favourite mother/daughter (and mother – we cannot forget grandmother Emily played by Kelly Bishop) at a pivotal point in their lives.

But as the first trailer for this most  eagerly-awaited of revivals assures us, regardless of the season, some things stay very much the same.

Such as the pop culture heavy discussions between mother and daughter; in this case whether Lorelai could be friends with Amy Schumer – Rory’s reasoning for why such a friendship could never happen is as amusing and well-reasoned as you’d expect -and if John Oliver would find her hot.

It’s vintage Gilmore Girls repartee and bodes well for the four episodes which frankly cannot come soon enough especially since they are the best birthday present anyone could ask for. (Note to my partner: this does not in any way preclude the giving of any and all other presents.)

It appears the promo below won’t appear in the actual series with EW revealing that the scene was filmed solely for the trailer. But hey, it embodies the spirit of the Gilmore Girls to a tee, auguring well for the four episodes to come.


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