Happy Boxing Day! Celebrate with the Teen Titans Go!’s “Second Christmas”

(image via YouTube (c) CD Kids)

Let’s hear it for Second Christmas!

What, you say? You have barely recovered, lo these few hours hence, from the first one? (I have no idea why I have gone vaguely medieval English but just run with it, and any galloping reindeer you may see).

Well, suck it up and get on board for Teen Titans Go! “Second Christmas” (premiered 4 December 2013) which draws on that melancholy feeling every Christmas junkie gets on Boxing Day when you realise there’s 364 days to go until all the festive fun reaches it’s tinsel-draped apotheosis again.

Sure you’ve had lots of fun opening presents, spending time with family and friends, watching Christmas specials, TV shows and movies, eating your body weight in chocolate sultanas and candy canes and dreaming of a White Christmas (kinda silly in Australia in December but I do it anyway) … but why can’t there be just one day more?

As J. A. Morris observes on their post about the episode, which details how each of the characters goes about remedying the big 26 December letdown, trying to sustain the Christmas buzz past its natural use-by date requires quite a bit of creativity but the Teen Titans give it a red-hot go to some interesting results.

Feeling a little lacklustre after the end of Christmas? Why not have a second one but just be careful how big a repeat festive lie you tell.

After all, next Christmas is just 364 days away …

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