What’s the best way to react to a bad Christmas gift? Let Benedict Cumberbatch show you how

(image via YouTube (c) Hook)

Ah the joy of getting just the right present at Christmas!

But what if, pray tell, you are given a less than stellar gift, and being the lovely, sweet, caring person that you are, don’t want offend the giver of said gift?

This is where British actor, and all-around acting genius, Benedict Cumberbatch comes in, a man who, thanks to the good people at The Hook, beautifully demonstrates how to pretend you love a book about microwaving, featureless grey socks and a white candle.

Yeah all such exciting gifts! SO … VERY … EXCITING.

The response is everything to crap gifts like these, with lots of reassurance and enthusiasm going a very long way.

Watch and learn and get ready to perform like a present-opening trooper come tomorrow.

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