HBO is hoping you won’t avoid these Sharp Objects

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The limited series’ chilling new trailer follows journalist Camille Preaker (Adams) as she returns to her hometown to cover the story of two murdered young girls. (synopsis (c) Paste Magazine)

You know how small towns are supposed to be warm, cosy bastions of love, acceptance and a surfeit of home-cooked meals prepared with love?

Well, while they might be that and more, and who wants to rain on the parade of snug togetherness that is life in such a bucolic idyll, but they are also a hotbed of long-held secrets, murder and family discord that sets the ratings world on fire.

How do we do this? Only an eon of British and Scandinavian TV shows telling so, and now, of course, Sharp Objects (don’t run with them, and not in the hallway thank you!) created and written (in part) by Gone Girl‘s Gillian Flynn, directed by Jean-Marc Vallée who delivered up to us Big Little Lies, and starring Amy Adams, Patricia Clarkson, Chris Messina and Sophia Lillis.

Intrigued yet? Well, you should be – watch the trailer and you’ll appreciate the haunting mystery that lies in wait, both legal and familial and why, even if the small town you visit seems perfectly lovely, that you should keep a close watch on the people around you who are up to, and we guarantee it, way more than first meets the eye.

Sharp Objects premieres on HBO on 8 July.


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