“He’s kinda bashful isn’t he momma?”: Bambi gets a little verve and quirkiness in a new animated recap

(image via YouTube (c) Cas van de Pol)

Disney is many things but the one thing you can definitely say it isn’t is subversive.

That’s why we all need Cas van de Pol, an animator from the Netherlands who, in his own words (taken from his Patreon page; yes you can, and should, support this fantastically-talented artist), “creates varied animated content [with] much of my animations are inspired by games, movies or television shows.”

This content, as you’ll see in this delightfully off-kilter recap of the Disney animated classic Bambi, pays homage to its source material with an affectionate cheeky irreverence that adds a whole other layer to stories that aren’t known for their mischievous approach so much as their warmhearted sweetness.

Nothing wrong with that, of course, it’s why we love Disney’s animated features, but adding a little extra silliness and zest, and some wacky cameos (hello Simba and Sebastian!), gives Bambi a whole other loony edge which will have you laughing like a fiend.

With a very real Bambi live action remake possibly in the offing, Cas van de Pol’s impressively funny, silly recap is the perfect way to get yourself ready for the very serious, CGI-enhanced film to (possibly) come.

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