Holy bloopers LEGO Batman! Hilarious LEGO movie outtakes

(image via youtube.com)
(image via youtube.com)


I love bloopers!


There is something endlessly enjoyable about watching professionals who get it so right so often forgetting lines, running into walls or simply losing complete and utter track of what they’re doing.

And while their inclusion doesn’t work for every movie, there are some films begging for a glimpse of the bloopers involved in making them.

Such as, of course, The LEGO Movie.

But wait a moment, or several minutes in fact depending how long it takes you to form your thoughts, how can non-living entities like LEGO mini-figurines possibly make anything approaching a mistake?

Leaving aside the fact that you just accused the happy go lucky protagonist Emmet Brickowski (Chris Pratt), Wyldstyle/Lucy (Elizabeth Banks) and Batman (Will Arnett) of not being as real as anyone I know (yes my friends are all plastic), did it ever occur to you that the film’s producers may have made a few deliberate mistakes just for hits and giggles (since there are no outtakes in animation folks)?

It isn’t without precedent with The Muppets releasing their own blooper reel after 2011’s comeback movie The Muppets, and it adds a whole new level of wonderfulness to movies already bursting with this hard to quantify commodity.

And it makes waiting to see the movie till April in Australia about a billion times harder until you see Emmet and Batman stuff a line or Vitruvius (Morgan Freeman) tumble off a stage, and all is hilariously right with the world once more.



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