Scary! Right there on my TV … what if Ted Lasso and Sex Education were recut as horror movies?

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It is fairly safe to say that Sex Education and Ted Lasso are not horror movies.

Anything but in fact – the former is a dramedy that takes a honest and heartwarmingly brutal look at what it is like to come of age, sexually and otherwise, while the latter is a quick-witted, heartfelt drama with lots of clever humour woven in.

So, not remotely scary then.

But, and this is what two talented people have wondered, what if they were?

Sent out on Still Watching Netflix, this gem of a recut muses on what the show might be like if various episodic moments were recast in a darker, more terrifying and frankly having watched all three seasons, it actually fits scarily well …

Meanwhile, elsewhere in a fictional but still all too real England, Ted Lasso also has real possibilities as a horror flick, a million miles from its bright, sunny vista but as anyone who’s watched the show knows, it hides some deep, dark pain that lends itself to a recut by British video editor Francis Siberini of one of the main characters, “Nate the Great” Shelley (Nick Mohammed), who, in the words of Laughing Squid, goes “”from the insecure and jealous man that he is into a cold-hearted killer”.

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