Glorious farce and dressing up: “Halloween” / “The Kid”(Frasier, S5, E3 & E4)

Frasier, which ran for 11 deeply satisfying seasons from 1993-2004, is a superlative sitcom, boasting the holy TV triumvirate of brilliantly-realised characters, sharp as a tack, clever writing and an ensemble more than capable og breathing captivating life into both. While there are countless episodes where the sitcom’s gift for Continue Reading

Wocka wocka … BOO! Muppets Haunted Mansion hilariously scaring its way to Halloween

SNAPSHOTDisney announced the special streaming event at the Disney Parks, Experiences, and Products’ “Halfway to Halloween” event with a video starring Gonzo and Pepé the King Prawn. In the special, Gonzo is challenged to spend one daring night in the Haunted Mansion, which fans of Disney Parks will recognize since it’s one of Continue Reading