“I feel the need … the need for …” the cast of Sesame Street to recite famous movie quotes

(image via YouTube (c) Vanity Fair)

I love the Muppets so much that frankly they couldn’t recite the telephone book (well the online version anyway), naturally with their trademark whit and whimsy and I would more than happily sit their in rapt attention until they were good and done.

Vanity Fair, in a moment of inspired brilliance and sharing the same Muppets-can-do-anything mindset, got the Sesame Street gang together, including good old Grover (my lifelong favourite), Big Bird, the Count and Ernie and Bert and go them to recite famous movie lines.

The result is a compulsively-watchable video which makes you wish there was a budget to remake all the films from which the segment draws solely with Muppets.

Now wouldn’t that be the best of all re-imagining worlds?

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