I Think We’re Alone Now … or are we? (poster + trailer)

(image via IMP Awards)


The film follows Del (Peter Dinklage) who finds himself alone in the world, literally, after the human race is wiped out. He’s content in his solitude – until he discovers Grace (Elle Fanning), an interloper on his quiet earth. Her history and motives are obscure, and worse yet, she wants to stay. A visceral psychological journey, the film explores human behavior and the undeniable need for companionship. (synopsis via Coming Soon)

When I was a kid, and bullied from pillar to post by my peers, the idea of being all alone in the world seemed immensely appealing.

It’s an odd impulse for an extrovert, but at the time, so great was the emotional pressure on me even as six or seven-year-old, that the idea of being the only one left to wander in and out toy stores, book stores and the like seemed like a perfectly reasonable state of affairs.

But as Reed Morano’s upcoming film I Think We’re Alone Now, starring Peter Dinklage and Elle Fanning makes richly and atmospherically poetically clear, being alone isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, and while time alone is good for the soul, only having time alone is most definitely not.

The trailer is a piece of art in and of itself, conveying both the trials and rewards of being alone and together with others, the truth of both those states amplified a thousand fold when you are the only two people left alive on the planet.

Oh, and sorry to disappoint you, but Tiffany isn’t one of them.

I Think We’re Alone Now releases 21 September in USA; international release dates TBA.


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