“I wish I knew how to quit you”: Iconic movie lines get animated in the funniest of ways

(image via YouTube (c) Mick Murray Ellis)

At the heart of every great movie sits a sparkling, literate, narratively-rich screenplay.

It’s not the only thing that at play, of course, but a movie without inspired writing might look flashy and beautifully-produced but will always feel more than a little hollow and insubstantial.

Proof of how important superbly-rendered writing is to the cinematic experience are the iconic lines that emerge from good, and admittedly sometimes not so good, movies, the sort of quippy bon mots that have inspired Nick Murray Willis to animate 100 of the very greatest of their number in what Laughing Squid describes as “hilariously literal animations”.

The product of the animator’s creativity is a video that brings these lines to life in a whole new wonderful way that will have you laughing for sure, a sorely needed thing right now, but also realising all over again how good it is to have justifiably-lauded superb cinematic writing in our lives.

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