Indoorsy: What hilariously happens when 3 agoraphobics open a spa in their apartment

(image via YouTube (c) Schuyler Helford / Lily Rains / Jimmy Bellinger)
(image via YouTube (c) Schuyler Helford)


Life as an agoraphobic isn’t easy.

And while our ever-diversifying digital age offers all kinds of opportunities for the housebound, or in the case of a new web series, Indoorsy about three agoraphobic friends who open a day spa in their home, the apartment-bound to have amazing careers, run errands and order gourmet pizza, the reality is often not quite what the doctor ordered.

Take opening a spa in your apartment.

On paper a stroke of genius, allowing the world to come to you instead of the other way around. A clever idea if the only way you can face humanity is to wear boxes or crawl along the footpath.

But where do you get customers from? (Tinder anyone?) And is bringing in a whole lot of strangers into your apartment, without a pre-thought out name for the spa, really the wisest and safest course of action?

Written by Schuyler Helford – who stars in the series alongside Lily Rains and Jimmy Bellinger – and directed by Eric Hunicutt, Indoorsy humorously and with delightful insight explores what the world of agoraphobia is like, and ponders whether it’s better to let the world in, or go out and face your fears outside instead?

There’s probably no easy answer but you’re going to have a lot of fun deciding what it is.

To watch all six episodes, go to Schuyler Helford’s YouTube channel.


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