It’s a very animated Community Christmas, Jeff!

The Greendale gang is as animated as ever! (image via airingnews (c) NBC)
The Greendale gang is as animated as ever! (image via airingnews (c) NBC)


They’re animated again!

In the tradition of “Troy and Abed’s Uncontrollable Christmas”, where the Greendale gang were rendered in gloriously colourful stop motion animation and last year’s “Abed’s Master Key” webisodes, Jeff & co. have been pixelated for your festive enjoyment.

In the episode entitled “Miracle on Jeff Street”, everyone’s favourite lawyer-turned-student-turned-lawyer-again is finding that life outside Greendale Community College is not all babes and margaritas, especially at Christmas where he finds himself drinking alone.

But hark! Is that some Chang the Halls I am hearing?

With nary a care for coming down the chimney, Santa Dean and Rudolph Chang burst through Jeff’s living room window, bringing the entire gang with them including a vomiting Troy, who in the wacky tradition of the Community Christmas videos, is bringing forth presents rather than, well, you know.

It’s short, sweet, insanely festive, and the perfect way to the Greendale hole in your pop culture-lovin’ soul till Community returns on 2 January.

Oh and um, you may want to lock your doors when you sleep at night after seeing this …



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