It’s been a long year. Who wouldn’t want to have Christmas With You?

(courtesy IMP Awards)

Feeling career burn out, pop star Angelina escapes to grant a young fan’s wish in small town New York, where she not only finds the inspiration to revitalise her career but also a shot at true love. (synopsis courtesy YouTube)

I know, I know, Christmas romantic comedies are, by and large, as cheesy as an earnest little girl from the early 20th Century begging Santa to bring her family peace, love and joy rather than gifts on the big day.

And yes, they’re all a little too formulaic and been there, done that BUT, and this is an important “but”, when you’ve had a long year, scarred by COVID, intense work pressure and a thousand other weigh-upon-your-soul stressors, there’s something indescribably good and comforting about escaping into a tinsel-draped, carols-infused world when everything ends happily ever after.

We all want to believe in happy ever afters, and Christmas rom-coms give us that possibility in spades, all wrapped in red bows, stuck under the tree and glistening with the promise of joy to come.

Christmas With You looks in some ways like a thousand other festive rom-coms, and appears to look all the same boxes, but it also looks sweet and merry and bright and all the happy things and right now, that seems wonderfully, soul-refreshingly good to this tired guy.

Christmas With You streams on Netflix from 17 November.

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