It’s not as far as a long time ago but it’s a way back even so: Andor re-imagined as a ’70s TV movie promo

(courtesy IMP Awards)

And now, we bring you tonight’s TV movie premiere. Get ready to travel to a far away galaxy that existed a long, long time ago. It’s the science fiction spectacular…ANDOR. Every Thursday night, only on ABC. (via Laughing Squid (c) Auralnauts)

Let’s be clear from the start – Andor is a very, VERY serious show set in the Star Wars universe where dark things happen, joy is cant and camp ’70s silliness is all but nonexistent (okay, it’s completely nonexistent).

Drawing on a Doctor Who-ish visual aesthetic, and capturing the gloriously intense vocal stylings of all kinds of promos from one of my formative decades, the trailer for the sci-fi movie premiere is simply brilliant, created by the Auralnauts who have nailed what these promos looked and felt like.

It’s no exactly a laugh a minute, and so in that respect, captures Andor to a tee, but leaning into the sensibilities of ’70s TV, it lightens the mood just a little, giving possible even Andor something to smile about.

Okay, probably not, but we’re smiling, a LOT, and that’s not a bad way to kick off the new year …

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