It’s the Little Things … ABBA’s Björn Ulvaeus knits with Sir Ian McKellen again for Christmas

( courtesy The ABBA Museum)

Ever since ABBA released Voyage, their first album in 39 years last year, and with it the daintily beautiful and highly emotive loveliness that is “Little Things”, Christmas has felt a whole lot more Swedishly festive than it used to do.

That delightful feeling of ABBA in the heart of Christmas bonhomie was helped along by a video that showed Sir Ian McKellen and Björn knitting the “Little Things” jumper, and while, sure, it was essentially an ad to buy a slew of Christmas single merch, there was something charmingly beguiling about the two celebs doing nothing more demanding, and looking pally at it, than knitting.

Now, rather happily, two knitting friends are at it again, convening their annual knitting circle which reveals that Sir Ian has become a member of ABBA, and while the jumper may still save “ABBA”, agrees that next year may see the addition of an “I” in the middle of the two “As” and “Bs”.

While no one says anything about Sir Ian’s ability ability to hold a tune or dance in a motion capture suit, one thing we know for sure is the two making the lone act of knitting looking warmly communal and really all we can hope is that we can this annual tradition alive.

And should you want to immerse yourself in the gorgeously lovely “Little Things”, here’s the emotive video in all its joyous sweetness …

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