Lin-Manuel your Miranda! Deadpool 2 is gifted a musical parody

(image via IMP Awards)


In the beginning was Deadpool and behold he was very good – raunchy, funny, irreverent, in-your-face, trope-smashingly good.

He begat, as is so often the way in the mist-shrouded, bottom-line driven ways of Hollywood studios (who also care about artistic creativity too of course; hahahahaha, good one, Andrew) Deadpool 2, a film that took the envelope-pushing craziness of the first film and made it even more OTT-ish, this time with neon, more X-Men satire and some fairly intense use of lawn mulching equipment.

Now, as is the way of things in our postmodern, self-aware, viral-addictive age, comes the hilarious inevitable parody, courtesy,  as was 2017’s Deadpool The Musical – Beauty and the Beast “Gaston” Parody, of some very dedicated fans, led by director Julian Higgins, who have gone all out to gift us Deadpool the Musical 2 – Ultimate Disney Parody 2.



And I mean all out as io9 outlines:

“The video boasts some great action sequences, fun character moments, and decent songs, parodying songs from Moana, Mulan, Aladdin, and others (it is predictably violent, so keep that in mind). Plus, I’ve got to give it props for having some fun with Disney’s potential acquisition of Fox, something that could change a lot of these franchises for good. Disney says it’s leaving the door open to keep Deadpool’s violent natures intact. But as we see in the video, maybe going to Disney would lead to Deadpool finally embracing his inner princess. Something the whole family can enjoy.”

Time to Manuel your Miranda people! Get on it!

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