Overwhelmed by the choices on Netflix? You’re not alone


I’m gonna throw Netflix an easy one here Forrest Gump. You know what I know it was on there. I saw it on there I saw it with my own eyes and it’s gone. …speaking of TV shows that I’ve never seen because I’m not big on TV, I haven’t seen a lot of these. Lost. I know lost is on you I know for a fact. I even have it in my list I’m sure of it. Okay Lost that’s gone to guess I lost my chance and you know what, I’m not hopping back and forth between Hulu and Amazon Prime. …I just want to log into one thing. (excerpt via Laughing Squid)

Ah, Netflix, how we love you – endless impossibilities, a plethora of choices so numerous and diverse that finding something to watch is akin to wondering into Willy Wonka’s Chocolate factory and finding treat upon treat rather than sickly sweet, justly-deserved death.

Sigh Netflix how you drive us mental – so much choice that trying to decide what to watch next, helpful email spruiking the latest addition to your Wizard of Oz Haunted Forest-like selection, so dense and vast that finding something becomes not easier, but a factor of a billion times harder.

Choice is supposed to liberate us but as this entertaining video from vlogger James Rolfe of Cinemassacre underlines with a knowing comedic ferocity, it often has the opposite effect, leaving us caught between the elation of choice and the crushing weight of a thousand disorienting genres, some seemingly plucked from some weird place out in the pop culture firmament, and others once there, now vanished into obscurity.

If you have but used Netflix once, you will relate to the ecstasy and agony of diving into the grand supermarket of viewing dreams and nightmares that is the world’s leading streaming service.


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