The hilarity of humanity: Data gets his own laugh-heavy ’90s-style sitcom

A wholesome 90s sitcom revolving around the beloved android crewmember of the starship Enterprise-D. (synopsis via Laughing Squid)

Doctor Noonian Soong bless Thomas Price of TrainDozer who has given us what we need most in the COVID-blighted days of 2020 – an amusing ’90s style sitcom starring the heart and soul of Star Trek: The Next Generation, Lieutenant Commander Data.

Adapting the catchy iconic theme song from Family Matters so they reflect more 24th century spacefaring sensibilities, Price has cleverly stitched together stock and blooper footage, says Laughing Squid, to create the sort of hilarious show we’d all like to watch.

It even seems to channel some of the cosmic silliness of Star Trek: Lower Decks – this is still not available in Australia oddly enough so the only point of comparison for this reviewer is the trailer – which proves that Gene Roddenberry’s creation can be both serious and silly.

Let’s face it – it’s not just the 21st century that needs a good laugh; the 24th century could clearly benefit from a few guffaws too.

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